Nothing's showing up on the computer. What do I do now?

When scanning to a computer, several things can prevent data you scan with Scanalyzer from being processed by the computer.  These factor can be broken down into categories based on where the problem exists.

Mobile Device
 - Limited Connectivity (No IP Address)
 - Wrong Computer IP Address

 - WiFi Turned Off
 - Incorrect or Mismatched WiFi Network
 - Hardware Firewalls
 - Routing Issues

 - Listener Software Not Running
 - Incompatible System Software
 - Limited Connectivity (No IP Address)
 - Software Firewall
 - Software Conflict
 - Insufficient Access Privileges


Level 1
Start by verifying that you have current or verified working versions of both the mobile software and listener.  You may wish to remove and reinstall this software to ensure you are running the correct version.

Launch both the mobile software and the client software.  The desktop client software will load a test window indicating what IP address you should enter into the mobile device, making sure that both devices are on the same network.  Once you have configured the mobile device, try scanning a barcode to see if the results are registered on the text window noting that, if everything is working properly, the computer will behave as if you typed in the barcoded data at the keyboard.

Level 2
Now that the mobile and desktop clients are up-to-date and configured properly, and basic networking has been ruled out, we can move on to more complex configuration issues.

A first step is to temporarily and responsibly disable any security software running on your computer.  We do not accept liability for any problems that arise from this or any other action, so make sure you understand the process and risks involved and that you or the person performing the work is technically competent to do the job.  (Isolating the network from the Internet is just one basic step you may wish to take, for example.)

A second step on the desktop computer is to look for an eliminate software conflicts, such as other programs that may run at startup, use the same network ports, or intercept or inject keystrokes.  Starting the computer in Safe Mode is helpful when trying to eliminate these conflicts.

Another thing to try is to create an Ad Hoc network from your computer.  An Ad Hoc network allows your computer to host it's own private wireless network, which you can then configure your mobile device to use.  This step helps eliminate or confirm network problems.

Level 3
If you are able to eliminate the mobile device and computer as possible sources of the problem, the network itself may be the culprit.  Try testing for basic connectivity between devices by using the ping command.  

Once you have established a good connection between the devices, you can move on to check to see if specific ports or protocols are blocked on your network.

If all else fails, you can always send us a support request or hire a local consultant to help.

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